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The character of warfare is rapidly evolving, with lessons learned challenging the assumptions and expectations of what future conflict will look like. Military training is all about preparing militaries for what they will face on operations. Calian is a leading provider of military training and simulation solutions for collective and high-readiness training for NATO and NATO-member countries.

Join us for a one-hour webinar, where Calian will showcase our military training simulation solutions for collective and high-readiness training. Using intuitive and interoperable tools and systems, Calian delivers an end-to-end training solution so you can design, develop, deliver and evaluate the effectiveness of simulation-based training exercises in a common synthetic training environment. Calian takes a platform-agnostic approach, building synthetic training environments using the right simulation tools to deliver on your exercise objectives and needs.

The webinar will be moderated by Jordan Miller, the Marketing Lead for Calian Global Defence. The speakers from Calian are experienced leaders and practitioners in technology development, training development and exercise delivery. The speakers are:

  • Jay “Hoss” Ballard, Military Training and Simulation Lead
  • Dan Turcotte, Director of Modeling, Simulation and Training
  • Gordon Maxwell, i3 Specialist
  • Eric Norton, Technical Solutions Architect