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Psychological Services

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Built from more than 40 years of experience, our scientifically validated approach ensures that only the best candidates are selected for high-priority and specialty units. This process will determine if a recruit has a suitable psychological profile for specialized roles.

Suitability to Carry a Firearm

firearms have been temporarily removed, especially following a critical incident or traumatic event, or for substance use and/or sobriety management.

Fitness for Duty

Similar to the suitability to carry a firearm assessment, this process provides an assessment of fitness for return to duty following medical leave for psychological reasons. This process assesses whether the individual should be granted the psychological clearance to return to duty after the initial medical approval has been granted.

Mental Health and Wellness

Access a wide range of wellness services through our national network of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and mental health practitioners. Services are tailored to fit the needs of each team, including periodic check-ins, treatment for operational stress injuries and PTSD, addictions counselling, clinical interventions and rehabilitation.