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Engineering Solutions & Services

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Systems Engineering Solutions

Our systems engineering team supports your objectives throughout the entire project lifecycle, from requirements analysis through design, implementation, testing, delivery, installation and support. We work with you to refine your requirements and develop a design and a plan to deliver the solution.

Integration Design Solutions

Our integration design team develops custom products and systems for defence applications where off-the-shelf solutions do not exist. This is more than systems integration: this is the system solution.

Embedded Design Solutions

We offer a full suite of embedded design capabilities for commercial and defence customers. We build on our deep experience in analog, digital, and mixed signal design to deliver the right solution, on time. Our software and logic development capabilities brings versatility to your program.

Operational Management and Lifecycle Support Services

Our operational management team plans, organizes and delivers services to meet your program needs. We deliver a broad range of programs, from fleet-wide management of the RCAF aircraft fleet to the development of requirements for next-generation complex defence and security systems.

Calian delivers the lifecycle support solution to address your problems, including PMP-qualified project managers, lifecycle managers, fleet-wide management services and specialized custom engineering expertise.

Research and Development Services

Calian is one of the leading Canadian providers of research and development initiatives for the Canadian Armed Forces defence, communications and security domains.

We support the initial phases of the systems engineering process, including concept development and experimentation, analysis and requirements development. We identify capability gaps as the start point for building the team and technologies to move forward into the next-generation system.

We are actively engaged in the delivery of R&D for human/autonomous system interaction, next-generation command and control, concept development for future systems, evolution of security protocols, and force protection solutions for personnel, platforms, equipment and data networks.

Modelling and Simulation-Enabled Design

With the diversity of mission capability and the associated requirement for more advanced technologies, designing modern systems is an especially challenging task.

Calian leverages advanced M&S technologies to inform the design of critical systems. We also employ M&S to support concept development, experimentation and requirements evolution to improve system design lifecycle.

Automatic Identification Technology

The Data Remediation and Marking of Serially Managed Materiel (DRM-SM) project being delivered by Calian is at the core of multiple supply chain initiatives established by the strategic supply chain governance committee, and directly supports the Automatic Identification Technology project.

To manage materiel that is critical to military operations, each item needs to be closely tracked and serially managed. A unique identification label is affixed to the item and stored within an equipment master record in the defence resource management information system (DRMIS). Serially managing items improves accountability and the lifecycle management of the materiel. It’s estimated that approximately three million legacy assets will be uniquely labelled, and the corresponding data will be validated and remediated in DRMIS.