Training Services

Calian has over 20 years of experience in  all phases of training (entry to advanced level). We follow a proven process including: analyzing, designing, developing, delivering and evaluating/validating effectiveness of training of individuals or teams or large groups. Our instructors are experts in adult education and skilled in teaching both in-class and scenario-based formats.

The Department of National Defence has relied on Calian for such important assignments as pre-deployment exercises and training to prepare all Canadian military task force headquarters personnel to deploy into high-intensity combat operations within Kandahar Province, Afghanistan from 2005 – 2011.

Calian has applied our advanced military training skills in the area of emergency preparedness and public safety and security  to government initiatives such as the Vancouver Olympics and the G8/G20 events and most recently for the nuclear industry.

Our 2010 Olympics Exercise Design received the Privy Council Office Exceptional Achievement Award, an honour that no other civilian company has ever achieved.


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