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  • Mike McCall Profile

    Mike McCall, PEng, M.Eng.

    Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services

    Mike McCall is the Vice President of Calian’s Engineering and Technical Services Line and in this role is responsible for quality and growth of the company’s nuclear engineering and emergency preparedness sections as well as military and government engineering services. Mike was the CEO of International Safety Research Inc. (ISR) for 13 years prior to its acquisition by Calian and before that was a marine system engineering officer in the Royal Canadian Navy for 23 years.  

    Mike has led and managed small and large teams on a variety of complex engineering consultancy and R&D projects in Canada and internationally.  He has led many technical and research including cosmic radiation effects on aircraft and space travel as well as electromagnetic pulse destruction of land mines. Mike is passionate about innovation in engineering and providing clients with quality solutions. 

    Mike holds a M. Eng. in Nuclear Engineering and a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering and is a PEng. in Ontario.

  • Francois Lemay Profile

    Dr. Francois Lemay, PhD, PEng

    Chief Nuclear Engineer

    Dr. Lemay is the Chief Nuclear Engineer at Calian Inc., a corporation dedicated to nuclear and radiation safety, and nuclear emergency response. He has 33 years of experience in radiation protection, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, safety analysis, emergency response plans, procedures and systems, emergency response standards and guidelines, audits and evaluations, emergency response exercises, courses and training, and radiation transport.

    Dr. Lemay is an expert in radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness and response. Dr. Lemay has prepared, conducted, and evaluated several national nuclear emergency response exercises for nuclear power plants in Canada and the Netherlands. As an internationally recognized expert in nuclear emergency preparedness and response, he has conducted training in over 20 countries for the IAEA, and has participated in six Operational Safety Assessment Review Team (OSART) missions for the IAEA.

    Dr. Lemay has consulted with nuclear facilities in the areas of compliance with international standards, ALARA policies, dosimetry, and dose assessment. Dr. Lemay continues to provide expertise in radioprotection to Bruce Power, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Ontario Power Generation, New Brunswick Power, and Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station. Dr. Lemay has published scientific articles in the Health Physics Journal, and Radiation Protection and Dosimetry.

    Dr. Lemay authored several of the key licensing documents for nuclear power plants in the areas of Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Environmental Impact Statement, Accident Consequence Assessment, and Monte Carlo Shielding Analysis.
    Finally, Dr. Lemay is also presently a member of the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee for Nuclear Standards, and he was a member of the committee that created the N288.2 Standard for Calculating the Consequences of a Release of Airborne Radioactive Material for Nuclear Reactor Accidents and the N1600 Standard General Requirements for Nuclear Emergency Management Programs.

  • Hani Al Anid Profile

    Dr. Hani Al Anid, PhD

    Senior Manager, Emergency Preparedness (Nuclear)

    Dr. Al Anid is the Senior Manager, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness at Calian. He performs technical and scientific work as well as project management within his division and for the nuclear safety and radiation protection industry. Dr. Al Anid has taken part in the management, development, execution, and evaluation of various nuclear emergency response exercises and scenarios. He has participated in emergency preparedness and response projects for several organizations and utilities in Canada and internationally.

    Dr. Hani Al Anid completed his PhD in Nuclear Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada. For his doctoral thesis, he developed a transport code analysis using MCNPX to propagate an extrapolated particle spectrum through the atmosphere to estimate the radiation exposure during solar particle events at aircraft altitudes. He is also a graduate of Queen’s University, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics (Computing Option).

    Dr. Al Anid's project experience includes working as the project manager for Exercise Synergy Challenge 2018, Exercise Unified Control 2017, and Exercise Intrepid 2015. These national full-scale exercises were held at nuclear facilities in Canada and involved participation from all organizations involved in the response effort to a nuclear emergency, from the utility, municipality, region, province, and the federal government. Dr. Al Anid was also the project manager and technical SME for an R & D project with the Canadian Space Agency, for the development of a gel-based Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-based dosimeter for space crew applications. In 2013, Dr. Al Anid was one of the main technical resources as well the project manager for the GCC Regional Radiological and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan project. 

  • Senior Nuclear Analyst Christine McNally

    Christine McNally, B.A. Sc

    Senior Nuclear Analyst

    Christine McNally has a B.A.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. She has over twelve years of experience in the nuclear industry with a focus on nuclear criticality safety and experience in nuclear materials management (safeguards and transportation). While at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), formerly Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL), she managed the Nuclear Materials Management group becoming a qualified Program Authority for the Nuclear Materials and Safeguards, Nuclear Criticality Safety, and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Programs. While working within the regulatory framework of these three programs, Christine developed and reviewed policies and procedures to ensure safety and compliance.

    Christine has developed and delivered nuclear criticality safety training modules (both in classroom and computer-based training modules) for all levels of an organization, from those in administrative and technical roles, to those in emergency response/first responder roles. Christine is certified to teach technical topics. Christine has also attended a 3-week advanced specialized training to learn to facilitate large group workshops, training and discussions. She has spent the last two years facilitating regular workshops on topics such as high-performance organizations, change, accountability, and providing effective feedback and coaching.

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