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The diversity of Calian's operating model is at the heart of its success.
Through this diversity comes stability. By serving a number of customers in wide-ranging and geographically varied markets, we capitalize on unique opportunities and upturns in a number of markets while at the same time weathering the downturns in others.


Calian’s long-term growth plan has four pillars.
Management is focused on the execution of the following four key strategic components: customer retention, customer diversification, service line evolution, and continuous process improvement. At the center of our strategy is our talented and committed staff. 


If you wish to receive hard copies of Calian's Annual Information and Financial Reports, please call our toll free number at:
1-877-225-4264 ext.2298

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Scheduled Earnings Calls

Q4 2019 — November 26, 2019


2019 Scheduled Annual General Meeting




“Calian is a diverse company focused on long-term growth. Our growth strategy involves management focus on four key components: customer retention, customer diversification, service line evolution, and continuous process improvement. Combined with an incredibly passionate and dedicated team, I am very excited about Calian’s potential.”

- Kevin Ford, CEO

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