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Our success is rooted in our people.

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Gordon McDonald


As President of Calian Health, Gordon McDonald leads one of Canada's largest national health services organizations which, for more than 14 years, has managed healthcare professionals and health programs as well as primary care and occupational health clinics.

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Hicham Farhat

Psychological Services

Hicham is a Health Services Director and solutions management professional who has been with Calian since 2005 leading both private sector and government health programs. Hicham works closely with operations leads across Canada to ensure high customer satisfaction through delivery excellence. With established national and international partners, Hicham is the primary point of contact for all new health related initiatives.

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William Barker

Psychological Services

Dr. William Barker, Calian’s Chief Psychologist, has over forty-three years of experience as a clinical psychologist and over forty years’ experience working with law enforcement and other public safety entities. During that time he has performed over 18,000 assessments for psychological readiness of new recruits.

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Melanie Holek

Medical Property Management

Since being appointed as Primacy’s General Manager in 2014, Melanie has led Primacy to grow into the company it is today. She is continuously exploring new ways to expand Primacy’s service offerings while overseeing all operations. She uses her background in business to ensure Primacy is operating to its full potential.

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Alexandra McCabe

Nursing Services

With over 13 years in the Calian Health Team, Alexandra applies health services expertise to manage highly skilled nursing teams across Canada in support of northern and Inuit communities. Alexandra ensures Calian is viewed as a trusted partner that can respond quickly with practical solutions to rapidly changing needs. She also manages relationships with a number of provincial and federal health customers receiving impactful mental health and primary care services.

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