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Read this guide to learn about four use cases for using secure chat to enhance patient health and provide more comprehensive, effective care.

Secure bidirectional chat offers a responsive communications tool for care teams to stay connected with patients and actively engage them in their healthcare. Applications that work with existing processes and tools increase productivity, make it easier for care teams to collaborate, and improve patient outcomes.

Chat provides a responsive alternative to text and email for both administrative and therapeutic communications with patients, including:

  • Urgent-care triage
  • In-hospital transfers
  • Adaptive care for mental health
  • Remote patient monitoring

Secure two-way chat enables care that goes beyond a single encounter. Chat sessions can provide continuous support for patients after release from the hospital or as an adaptive care model for programs such as mental health services and urgent care triage. Equipping care teams with applications that fit their workflows and help to forge new care pathways can improve collaboration, access and outcomes for patients.

Adaptive Care: Using Secure 2-Way Chat to Improve Patient Engagement

Download the guide below.

Secure Chat Guide Solutions 2022


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