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The RAS MR Trainer recreates the RAS scene around the user, where they find themselves on a Canadian patrol frigate (CPF) standing by the fuel dump with an auxiliary oiler replenishment ship (AOR) sailing in the distance on a parallel course. From there, the user can interact with the simulation as either an active spectator, where they can watch the refueling operation from a vantage point on the deck of the CPF or the role of the station captain who is in charge of issuing commands that drive the refueling operation. During the simulation, the user is given cues on what is happening and what is expected at each discrete step of the refueling operation. Additionally, the user can closely inspect every piece of equipment used during the refueling operation and become familiar with it.

Build knowledge, gain confidence!

The RAS MR Trainer is especially valuable as a low-cost training option allowing RCN personnel to gain more robust base knowledge as well as familiarity with ship operations with fewer training cruises required. After receiving mixed reality training, when crews are put to sea, their knowledge base and confidence levels increase and thereby decrease the chance of injuries while on work-up cruises.

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