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VR training and development for refueling

The goal of this learning experience was to represent the refueling process as accurately as possible using finely detailed steps. This included tasks like selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment, using a calculator to determine how much fuel to deliver and manually delivering the fuel. Parkland decided to leverage VR as an improved training tool for new drivers doing fuel delivery. By allowing users to continuously run through and practice processes, Parkland fuel can shorten the time to competence, reduce the waste of valuable resources like fuel, and reduce the risk of employees potentially harming themselves and others.

360° marketing training

Calian also developed a mobile application for Parkland’s retail franchise “On the Run” to support their marketing training efforts. Available for both iOS and Android, the mobile application guides and trains franchise owners on how to properly set up their store based on the corporate marketing and brand guidelines. For this training application we used 360° images to display the flagship “On the Run” store to guide other store owners. Throughout the application users learn about each section of the store and are quizzed along the way, guiding them through the entire store to complete the training.

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