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Calian Illuminator - Software Add-on Product for Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer

The Illuminator software add-on for the Decimator Spectrum Analyzer is ideal for users with multiple Decimators. It’s a multi-site carrier monitoring solution with centralized monitoring and control of your entire set of carriers.

Illuminator webinar replay

Learn how this new technology allows a single person to monitor and control multiple spectrum analyzers, while still allowing operators to analyze long term results for a particular carrier at any site. Discover how Illuminator can save you resources, time and money.

Illuminator "how to" video series

Learn about Illuminator Decimator D4 (a multi-site CMS), by viewing the videos on the playlist.

Web-Based User Interface

Decimator Spectrum Analyzer includes a built-in user interface that’s accessible using a standard web connection. All common spectrum analyzer settings and functions are available, including:

  • Save and recall configurations for quick repeat measurements

  • Export measurement results into reports for sharing or into spreadsheets or other applications for detailed analysis

  • Multiple markers make power level measurements easy to perform

Custom Versions Available

Contact our Decimator Spectrum Analyzer experts to discuss your application and any custom design requirements. We can provide:

  • Custom designs supporting other frequency bands

  • Custom designs supporting other form factors

  • Private labelling/branding and packaging options


D4 provides teleport operators with remote digital spectrum analysis and real-time, low-cost carrier monitoring of uplink and downlink carriers at RF L-band or IF 70/140 MHz. 1RU rack mount chassis allows remote access for up to 10 simultaneous users.

Broadcast and DSNG

D4 L-band spectrum analyzer's built-in carrier monitoring allows broadcasters, DSNG vehicles and back-haul sites to connect to the satellite. To acquire the satellite signal, peak the antenna and monitor your uplink signal performance. Ops centre support can remotely assist in setup.


Decimator spectrum analyzers are used in cruise ships, super-yachts and commercial ocean-going vessels to provide remote and on-board monitoring and analysis of satellite signals. Reliable communications and safety at sea go hand in hand. Proudly serving customers for more than 50 years.

Oil and Gas

Decimator D4 provides the oil and gas sector with reliable remote RF signal monitoring of communication infrastructure.  Offshore and land-based production rigs utilize several signal types, supported by D4, to integrate SCADA & M2M: satellite, WIMAX, Wi-Fi, LTE cellular, 2-way radio.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Decimator monitors distributed antenna system (DAS) cellular, Wi-Fi and 2-way radio signals including HF frequencies alerting you to network availability and signal quality issues. Available in multiport configurations or API solution to integrate into DAS antenna network management solutions.

Government and Military

Integrate into VSAT terminals, mobile command and control systems for military and government applications. Through the API, integrate with a wide range of common signal monitoring/management systems. In-house engineering can custom build or choose from our COTS spectrum analyzer products.


Multiport Decimator D4


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PCIe Card Decimator D4


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Portable Decimator D4


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Spectator Decimator D4


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Detector Decimator D4


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Illuminator Decimator D4


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Decimator D4 Quick Tour Calian AT


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Decimator D4 Users Manual


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