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Explore Contract Opportunities for Family Physicians

Calian has partnered with the Department of National Defence for more than a decade to provide healthcare services to the Canadian Armed Forces on a contract basis. We have both full-time, part-time and summer contract positions available for family physicians across Canada. Physicians taking on these contracts can expect exceptional working conditions, including set hours, straightforward hourly remuneration, ample time per patient visit for high-quality care, and work-life balance for their own wellbeing.

Guaranteed Hourly Rate

Practice without the burden of overhead costs and administrative responsibilities! An hourly rate of pay has been established for each clinic location; it is not fee-for-service. Physicians working on this contract are independent contractors and are paid monthly.

Work/life balance

Clinic hours are 7:30am-4:00pm (7.5-hour workday) Monday-Friday and there are no evening, weekend or on-call responsibilities. Our physicians typically take four to six weeks off per year; clinics ask for approximately six weeks' notice in advance of planned time off.  Additionally, clinics typically shut down for two weeks over the holidays in December.

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Unique patient population

Work with a patient population that is generally healthy and motivated. The patient population is adult military service members only; military families are not seen at the clinics.

Generous allotment of time for each patient

Physicians typically see 9-12 booked appointments per day. Patient volume can vary during the morning walk-in clinic. Booked appointments are 40-60 mins for assessments and 15-30 mins for follow-ups. Remuneration is by the hour, not by the patient encounter.

Easy access to onsite support services

Your patients have access to onsite services including physiotherapy, mental health, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, laboratory and dental services.  

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Electronic medical records

The clinics use an EMR unique to the Canadian Armed Forces. All charting is electronic so that clinicians have immediate access to a patient's medical record. Training on the EMR is provided during the first few weeks of work.

Contact Calian Health for information on contract opportunities.