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Integration Services

From planning to implementing, we can handle your organization’s data and server integration needs. Our integration team supports our engineering team to make sure you get the gear that you need, set up the right way. We utilize a methodical approach to fulfillment, allowing us to accommodate multiple locations and teams of up to 500 members.

Our Complete Solution Makes Integration Easy

  • Dedicated staff—our integration staff is responsible for your hardware and your hardware alone
  • Attention to detail—we handle everything down to imaging workstations for you
  • Complete support—everything from inventory to set up to maintenance
  • Hardware repair—we’ll quickly take care of any problems that crop up
  • No-fuss—if you don’t require hardware any longer, send it back to us and we take it from there

Benefits of Calian Integration Services

Our comprehensive approach to integration starts and ends at our warehouse, where our dedicated staff worries about your machines full-time. We handle the inventory, setup and maintenance of everything you get from us, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Refocus staff on more strategic projects
  • Meshes easily with our managed services
  • We do all the heavy lifting


Home Mortgage Company


  • RM leases products through inside sales
  • Designate who and where the machine is going
  • Receive the hardware to our warehouse—perform configuration—test to make sure everything is working
  • Turn it over to NOC who does special applications for your specific needs
  • The machine is boxed up and shipped out to you
  • We handle all the repair and service to the units
  • Just ship the hardware back if you decide to leave

Calian For Your Integration Needs

In addition to a dedicated integration and support staff, we also have dedicated data centre partners ensuring your operations run smoothly. You can focus on your business strategy while we pay attention to the nitty-gritty.

Expert-level support and hardware mean that you not only have a good solution—you have an excellent foundation for moving your organization forward.

We’ve designed these services to stand alone but fit together well with our managed services branch. If you utilize both, your solution will become even more valuable than the sum of its parts.

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