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Penetration Testing

Don’t just assume your network is safe; see it for yourself. Penetration testing is an effective means of proactively finding and fixing holes in your cybersecurity defence. By simulating an attack, you can see exactly how your network and your team would hold up in a live-fire situation. We have 15 years of experience in this process. If there’s a way into your network, we’ll find it.

What Penetration Testing Provides?

No Surprises

We utilize multiple toolsets to discover vulnerabilities.

Testing Your People

We test your team to make sure they aren’t a weak point.

We’re the Real Deal

We know how the bad guys think and what they look for.

Partners in Your Corner

We make a point of addressing your specific concerns.

Comprehensive Scope

We conduct external, internal and wireless environment tests.

Full Visibility

You'll receive documented reports of findings to help you develop a strategy.

Key Offerings

  • Web applications (OWASP)
  • Exploit validation
  • Social engineering

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