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Calian ResponseReady™ makes the process of developing, delivering and evaluating highly realistic emergency exercises quick, efficient and cost-effective.

A remote training tool was a critical component of a recent project for the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Calian ResponseReady software fit the bill. The online platform allows the WHO to run simulations and training in different geographical locations.

The ResponseReady product evolved from the expertise of the Calian Nuclear team working with regulated industries in Canada and internationally. It can be used for a variety of situations in response to health pandemics, emergencies, floods, earthquakes and more.

“We created it for people that work in emergency preparedness because that's what we do. We looked at it from the lens of the user,” says Dr. Al Anid, Calian Director of Nuclear Engineering. “It's providing you with the tools and the capabilities to create an immersive simulation environment so that your participants can be prepared in case of a real emergency”.

ResponseReady allows users to save time with efficient exercise planning and resource utilization. Participants can access the remote training product from anywhere in the world using any device with an internet connection, and the social media component provides a realistic simulation for crisis communications in the event of an emergency. ResponseReady allows agencies like the WHO to provide valuable information to the public, monitor public opinion on response efforts, and to monitor for, and correct, any misinformation that may be circulating on social media sites.

ResponseReady is used by Calian consultants who design and manage complex multi-departmental exercises for major government and private-sector clients and is now available as standalone, licensed software that can be applied across different markets and environments. Calian ResponseReady is used by individual customers via their own accounts, who want a turn-key remote exercise design and delivery platform.

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