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Those of you in the healthcare industry who are responsible for IT had a lot to contend with in 2020. COVID-19 accelerated demand for virtual services. Migration to the cloud remained a goal. The 2020 data breach of the US federal government served as a reminder that security is paramount.

Let Calian Help You

We help organizations of all sizes modernize their healthcare infrastructure and manage cyber security risk. Our strategy of combining organic development with mergers and acquisitions works in the best interest of our customers in healthcare. We deliver the innovative solutions you need to address changing technology goals, ever-evolving security needs and regulatory requirements.

We continue to innovate. And we are proud to announce the acquisition of Dapasoft, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leading provider of innovative systems integration, cloud lifecycle management and cyber security solutions, which adds to the depth and breadth of our digital healthcare offerings.

Working with Calian streamlines your efforts because you get everything from a single vendor. Here’s a high-level overview.

IT consulting services:

  • Expertise in cloud migration
  • Expertise in healthcare regulatory requirements
  • Expertise in cyber security from risk assessment to protecting your enterprise to educating your staff to monitoring for and responding to threats

Healthcare-centric products deployed in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments:

  • Corolar CDR (real-time Clinical Data Repository with HL7 and FHIR)
  • Corolar ConnectCare App (C3A) (clinical communication and collaboration on Microsoft Teams)
  • Corolar Virtual Care (CVC) (a Microsoft Teams Solution for Virtual Care Clinics)
  • Proprietary Patient Support Program (PSP) workflow automation

Training services:

  • A proprietary learning platform to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity awareness programs to employees

We know there is a weight on your shoulders. At Calian, we are proactive. We stay current with healthcare technology, security technology and cloud lifecycle management. The impacts of COVID-19 and the breach to the US federal government jolted organizations to action. A single partner for all your changing IT goals, ever-evolving security needs, and health services and regulatory requirements could lessen the weight.


Would you like to read the acquisition press release? Access it here: Calian Expands Digital Healthcare and Cybersecurity Offerings with Cloud Life Cycle Management, Systems Integration Services, and Virtual Care.