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NAIT Success Pack

Emergency Management Solutions

Calian supports NAIT's Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management and recognizes the value of the training, best practices and learning and development that the institute provides for emergency management professionals across Canada.

ResponseReady™ is the industry-leading exercise management and simulation platform that supports the creation, delivery and evaluation of highly realistic exercises that range from large-scale exercises to smaller organizational exercises and drills. Calian donated ResponseReady™ to NAIT, ensuring that students will be fully prepared to respond to disaster, emergency and crisis events.

To learn how Emergency Management Solutions and ResponseReady can support you and your team, download your success pack. It includes:

  • Registration for ResponseReady webinar: April 5th at 10 a.m. MT. (Presenters will take you through a demo of the participant experience and teach you how to develop your own exercises.)
  • Calian EM Solutions Overview Brochure
  • Emergency Management Exercises Calian Brochure
  • Response Ready Emergency Management Brochure
  • Calian Exercise Development + CS Gov of Canada
  • Exercise Vulcan Government of Canada

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The Calian-NAIT partnership—in helping to prepare government and private sector organizations to manage the increasing numbers of natural and human-caused disasters—fits with the Calian mission to help our customers and communities lead safe and healthy lives.