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Once again, Calian makes Canadian Defence Review’s (CDR) list of the Top 100 Canadian Defence Companies, ranking 28th. Calian first made an appearance in the annual list in 2015. Since then, CDR consistently ranked Calian in the top half of the annual account of Canadian defence companies.

Calian is immensely proud of this achievement as ranking is based on factors such as economic impact to the country, R&D initiatives, innovation, contribution to the nation's security, national and international contract wins, excellence of management and support of Canada’s military.

Calian is a Vital Supplier to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

Calian has a three-decades-long partnership with the CAF. When it comes to serving the CAF, says Kevin Ford, Calian CEO, “Calian offers many different capabilities. Whether it’s in Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning, or IT and Cyber Solutions, it’s very rare to have one company that spans the scope that we do in defence. In some ways, I think we're unique, and I can't think of another company that can span all four capabilities nationally in Canada.”

Just one of the many innovative solutions that Calian provides to the CAF is specialized training services and solutions. Calian has moved from TTX (tabletop experiences) to large-scale, massive, immersive, simulated, mixed reality, live and gamified exercises for today’s tech-immersed recruits. These exercises, which include both simulated and real experiences, safely prepare soldiers for ‘life-threatening’ situations they may encounter during their military careers.

Congratulations to All Companies Named to CDR’s Top 100 Canadian Defence Companies List

Calian is proud to be in the good company of all defence companies chosen by CDR‘s evaluation panel for their 2021 Top 100 list. Visit Top 100 Canadian Defence Companies At A Glance.

Read the Calian profile in Canadian Defence Review here: Calian Group – A Vital Supplier to the CAF for Nearly Three Decades, by James Careless.