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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Canadian Healthcare Providers

Thursday, January 13th  from 11:30am-1pm ET

Since the pandemic began, hundreds of hospitals in North America have experienced data breaches, ransomware and other cyberattacks. The Canadian healthcare system—already at the breaking point due to COVID-19—has not been spared. Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare service providers, hospitals and family health teams, trying to access patient and employee information and crippling other critical systems.

iSecurity, a Calian company, has been supporting many of these healthcare organizations with cybersecurity solutions and has brought together leading experts to provide best-in-class cybersecurity strategies for hospitals, service providers and family health teams.

Join our panel of cybersecurity experts from iSecurity, Netskope, Crowdstrike and Okta to discuss critical threats facing healthcare providers in Canada. Learn best practices and get insights from leading cyber experts to help you reduce the risks of cybersecurity breaches that can endanger your patients' safety and privacy, and cost you millions.

Attendees will also receive a white paper that outlines lessons learned and best practices for hospitals and clinics to protect their organizations against cybercriminals as well as lessons learned from recent healthcare cybersecurity incidents.

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Raheel Qureshi
Raheel Qureshi

Partner, Cybersecurity Risk & Advisory Services
iSecurity, a Calian Company

Damian Chung
Damian Chung

Business Information Security Officer (BSIO)

Drex De Ford
Drex DeFord

Executive Healthcare Strategist

Adam Crown
Adam Crown

Group Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare Solutions