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Blog | November 26, 2020

This is all about your employee’s stolen identity

Everything in the modern age is digital—and of course you all know that. However, most people rarely contemplate what data is circulating around out there in the ether. Take one step further down the rabbit hole and apply that to personal data and, again, many still don’t internalize the importance or magnitude of what they create, share, and what is ultimately stolen for nefarious purposes.

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Blog | November 24, 2020

Virtual, Traditional, or Hybrid EOC What do you need to achieve?

An emergency operation centre (EOC) should enable people to respond to and plan the recovery from an emergency as effectively as possible. This is true of a brick and mortar EOC, a virtual EOC, and of a hybrid model. While there are many solutions, it is critical to begin with the right question. The question should be, “What do we need to achieve?”

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Blog | October 21, 2020

Building Back Better

What we invest in today will directly influence how our world looks tomorrow. This concept is the basis behind the phrase building back better. It suggests that during recovery activities, whether that be from a pandemic, an earthquake, or some other disruptive event, we have an opportunity to more closely align with our vision of what better looks like. But how can we really use this as an opportunity to develop a better society?

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Blog | October 21, 2020

CEO Perspective: Refreshing Our Brand

A modernized brand was important to competitively reflect the company we are today — and where we’re headed.

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Blog | October 19, 2020

Truth in Reconciliation: Celebrating Indigenous-Non-Indigenous Partnerships

On December 13, 2019 Calian Ltd. and Saulteaux Tribal Nation L.P., a First Nations-owned and operated company in Manitoba, announced a partnership agreement to deliver emergency management services and best practices to other First Nations in Manitoba. This partnership is the culmination of three years of collaboration between Calian and the Interlakes Reserves Tribal Council (IRTC), which represents six First Nations in Manitoba’s Interlake region and led to the creation of Saulteaux Tribal Nation L.P.

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Blog | September 25, 2020

Developing Effective Risk Communication by Implementing Simple Strategies

2020 has presented us with global challenges and has created a need to discuss risk in ways that feels more urgent than we are used to. Fortunately, the need to communicate risk is not new, and many of us have been considering this challenge for a number of years. Understanding how to communicate risk in a way that is heard, understood, and acted upon is essential for everyone, regardless of job position or role in the community.

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Blog | September 2, 2020

Hey Alexa, give cybercriminals full access to my personal information

Those who know me will tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with IoT of any kind. The love part is easy: devices that, added to our daily routines and lifestyles, bring an almost futuristic experience to our collective lives. Then there is the hate side of the argument: devices that are rarely—if ever—built with inherent security, ensuring that cybercriminals everywhere will view them as a giant target.

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Blog | August 26, 2020

Why everyone’s accounts are so easy to hack

When it comes to cybersecurity, the number of breaches happening daily are almost impossible to count. In fact, just this past week the public was made aware of several major breaches, including the Government of Canada and Amazon’s Alexa—two terrifying examples of how no one is safe. And the way they were compromised was easier than one might think.

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Blog | August 20, 2020

Are your IoT devices about to attack you?

I know it's a weird question to ask, after all how dangerous can a wi-fi enabled thermometer be? Don't own a thermometer? Okay, how about a toy car with a mobile app that acts as a remote? Not into toy cars? What if I told you that IoT kettles existed and that you could boil water anytime from anywhere in your home or office with a simple swipe of your phone?

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Blog | August 11, 2020

How the smallest of devices pose the largest security threats

I've often said that we live in an absolutely amazing time in history. The sheer amount of technological advancements seems to know no bounds, growing exponentially as every day passes. From apps to devices, the list is virtually endless when it comes to the daily connectivity that we all enjoy and have come to expect in our modern age.

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Blog | July 22, 2020

The reality of fighting a never-ending war with no borders

Remember the days when cyber security was nothing more than a firewall and some anti-virus software? Okay, perhaps just a little oversimplification, but for many companies those days did exist—and frighteningly enough some still do, but that's a different topic entirely. However, in 2020 and beyond, a few simple plug and play solutions are never enough.

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Blog | June 21, 2020

Just how much does your company truly know about cyber security?

If I've said it before, I'll say it again: everybody needs to be a cyber security expert in 2020 and beyond. And though that may sound slightly hyperbolic, it's actually not even close to how we as a global society need to embrace the sentiment.

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