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After five years of service with the company, Mike McKibben will be retiring from Calian on May 27, 2022. Mike retires as Project Manager, Communication Ground Systems. When Mike first started with Calian, he was given various smaller projects to work on, and he is finishing his career as the project manager of a much larger and more challenging project.

“I was hired in May 2017 as a project manager in the Ground Communications Systems business unit,” says Mike. “I started on a few smaller projects (Lockheed Martin DOCOMO and Inmarsat Laurentides RFS upgrade). I then volunteered to be the project manager for the Jupiter 3 Q/V project. This project has been very challenging. Not only was the project filled with many technical challenges, but we also needed to install the entire system during a global pandemic.”

“When I was looking for a project manager for J3 Q/V project I hadn’t really considered Mike McKibben for this position,” says Darren Schlageter, Vice President, Communication Ground Systems. “Mike is smart, a good communicator, works well with others and understands project management, but he had only worked at Calian for a few years. Mike walked into my office and volunteered to be the J3 Q/V project manager. After discussing with Calian management, Mike was given the role.”

“I have been very fortunate to work with so many very talented and dedicated people on the Jupiter 3 project. It was great to share the project successes with everyone and have the group to commiserate with when things did not go to plan,” says Mike. “I had originally intended to complete this project before I retired, but with several delays, I decided to retire this summer to enjoy the outdoors and start my many renovation projects at home and at my children’s home

“From my perspective, Mike has done an exceptional job in this very challenging role”, adds Darren. “I would like to thank Mike for his hard work and wish him all the best for a long and happy retirement.”