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Experience the future of satellite communications with the Calian Transporter Digitizer

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Transporter's versatile applications such as virtualization, digitalization, site diversity, security, monitoring, and recording. Benefit from its Digital IF (RF over IP) technology that offers scalability, flexibility, enhanced signal quality, and reliability. Transporter’s user-friendly HTML5 interface allows for easy operation on all platforms, including Android and IOS devices, making configuration and monitoring a breeze from anywhere in the world.

The Transporter's advanced specifications, including dual input and output analog ports, 100 Gbps QSFP ports, DIFI standards compliance, and REST monitor and control interface, ensure seamless integration and exceptional mechanical performance in a compact 1RU design.

Calian transporter rf digitizer final WEB


150,32 KO

Calian transporter rf digitizer solutions overview WEB


81,58 KO

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