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Comprehensive Test Capabilities

  • Suitable for bent-pipe transponders and complex digital signal processing communication payloads

  • Available for all bands – UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka and V-band. Multiple band testing using multiple antennas for cross-links is supported

  • Built to test basic GEO satellites and multi-spot beam high-throughput satellites. Testing is also available for LEO and MEO satellite constellations.

Comprehensive Suite of Measurements

Our IOT system includes a comprehensive set of measurements for satellite testing.

The standard list of measurements is:

  • Gain Transfer Curve
  • Frequency Response (in-band and out-of-band)
  • Satellite Gain
  • Translation Frequency
  • Satellite G/T
  • Group Delay Response
  • Crosspol Isolation
  • Third Order Intermodulation
  • Spurious Outputs
  • Beacon EIRP, Frequency and Modulation Index
  • EIRP in a Bandwidth
  • Uplink a Signal
  • Antenna Patterns
    • Slew Method
    • Point and Hold Method

Additional measurements available are:

  • Phase Noise
  • AM/PM Conversion and Transfer
  • Noise Power Ratio (NPR)
  • Spread Spectrum Satellite Gain


Calibrations are a critical part of the IOT measurement system to ensure the accuracy of the measurements.

The following calibrations are included in the standard IOT system:

  • Downlink Gain Calibration
  • Uplink Gain Calibration
  • Cold Sky Noise Calibration
  • Signal Analyzer Calibration
  • Power Sensor Zero


Our standard IOT solution includes an extensive list of measurements and operational features, but custom features can be accommodated as needed.

In recent projects, we have developed customizations to:

  • Interface with a telemetry system to collect and record telemetry with measurement results
  • Interface with a payload configuration system to automatically set up the dynamically controllable payload channelization
  • Integrate a radiometer interface to include rain attenuation in measurement results
  • Automatically retrieve orbital state vector information from a flight dynamics system
  • Exchange information with a LEO satellite pass planning system


In Orbit Test Systems


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