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Satellite Modulators

Our line of satellite modulators and related products include the Gemini DVB-S/S2/S2X modulator, multi-channel Hercules modulator, narrow-band SDTS modulator, L-band redundancy switch and beacon generators.

Our modulators have a flexible FPGA-based design that can be utilized to provide custom modulators for non-standard encoding and modulation types.


Gemini Satellite Modulator

The Gemini DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite modulator meets the diverse needs of the satellite uplink market. Our modulators have been deployed around the world in DTH satellite broadcast and satellite newsgathering applications.

Discover Gemini Satellite Modulator


Hercules Satellite Modulator

The innovative Hercules DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite modulator generates up to 16 independent carriers – all from one unit! You can replace an equipment rack of modulators with one Hercules satellite modulator for significant savings in capital costs and reduced operating expenses.

Discover Hercules Satellite Modulator


Itus Redundancy Switch

The Itus L-band redundancy switch is a companion product for Calian’s family of modulators and provides 1:1 redundancy protection. Itus has redundant power supplies for high availability and includes a smart-switching feature based on DVB-S/S2 signal quality.

Discover Itus Redundancy Switch


Low Data Rate (LDR) Modulators

Our Low Data Rate (LDR) Modulators generate the narrowband satellite signals you need for your specialized low bit rate applications. The LDR modulator is commonly used for GNSS augmentation data.

Discover Low Data Rate (LDR) Modulators


Defender Signal Generator

The Defender signal generator is an innovative approach to defend and protect your unused bandwidth from unauthorized users. Defender is ideal for all satellite operators with underutilized spectrum, whether the satellite is just being put into service or has recently expired leases.

Discover Defender Signal Generator

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