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Les observations de Calian vous tiennent au courant des plus récents articles de notre blogue, études de cas et activités.

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Blog | septembre 23, 2022

Disinformation in Digital Spaces: a Key Weapon in War and Competition Below the Threshold of Armed Conflict

Disinformation is increasingly a tool being used by states and the proxy groups they support to shift perceptions, draw attention to hot-button issues, and exacerbate division on political issues.

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Blog | septembre 22, 2022

Synthetic Training Environments—Delivering and Sustaining Readiness for the Canadian Army

Calian has been a proven partner for the Canadian Army for over 25 years, designing, developing and delivering training to meet Canada’s readiness needs.

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Blog | septembre 20, 2022

What to Expect from Calian at the NATO CA2X2 Forum, September 27-29, Rome, Italy

Calian is sponsoring and exhibiting at the NATO CA2X2 Forum from September 27-29 in Rome, Italy.

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Blog | septembre 19, 2022

Calian CARES™ Responds to Deadly Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan is still dealing with the effects of devastating floods from torrential rains that submerged one-third of the country in July and August.

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Blog | septembre 12, 2022

Série de blogues « Votre CA » : George Weber, président du conseil d’administration

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Blog | août 17, 2022

Calian Executives Accepted into Forbes Technology Council

Calian IT and Cyber Solutions executives Faisal Bhutto, Senior Vice President of Cloud and Cybersecurity, and Worth Davis, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, have been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council for their leadership and expertise in their fields.

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Blog | juillet 19, 2022

Calian to Sponsor and Exhibit at Joint Military Training and Simulation Conference, July 20-21, Bristol, UK.

Read this post for event details and why JMTS is an important date on the Calian calendar.

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Blog | juillet 18, 2022

New Breast Cancer Screening Blood Test Now Available in More Than 100 Cities Across Canada

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Blog | juillet 14, 2022

JMTS 2022: Warfare in the 2020s—The Lessons for NATO and Allies

The early 2020s have seen significant changes in armed conflict. This article examines how these trends can be used to immediately adjust training concepts, doctrine and the way that capability and acquisition roadmaps should change to better prepare NATO members for current and future threats.

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Blog | juillet 13, 2022

JMTS 2022: How Calian MaestroEDE™ is the Leading Software Solution for Design, Development and Delivery of No-Fail Military Training

MaestroEDE™ is a software solution designed by Calian which provides exercise developers with resources to design, build, and conduct training events and exercises.

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Blog | juillet 12, 2022

JMTS 2022: Advantages of Simulation-Based Military Training Solutions

This article will outline how Calian applies its unique simulation training solutions to help the Canadian Army meet their training goals.

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Blog | juillet 11, 2022

Training for Urban Warfare: Multi-Dimension Complexity

Urban warfare has been a significant challenge in modern warfare worldwide. To properly develop and deliver training for this operating environment, it is necessary to understand the complexities of the operating environment and the global trends shaping urban warfare today.

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