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Calian is sponsoring and exhibiting at the NATO CA2X2 Forum from September 27-29 in Rome, Italy. Calian is a Platinum sponsor and has a booth on the show floor. As a global leader in simulation-based military training, CA2X2 is an important event for Calian.


The NATO Computer Assisted Analysis, Exercise, Experimentation Forum (CA2X2) is an annual event where military, industry, academia and subject matter experts meet to discuss modelling and simulation topics. Areas explored include exercise development, experimentation, wargaming, standards, interoperability and more.

A full schedule of events can be found here.

Why is Calian Going to CA2X2?

The Calian booth will showcase the “Road to War” training and simulation demonstration of our comprehensive synthetic training environment. Visitors can learn about our full-scale end-to-end training solutions that deliver high-readiness, joint and combined training with live interconnectivity with NATO C2 systems and with MaestroEDE™, VCCI, Abacus, VBS and Sitaware HQ.

Jay Ballard, Calian Contract Manager for the Canadian Army Simulation Centre (CASC) will present a session titled “Training for Modern War”, examining trends from recent conflicts, including the biggest takeaways from the war in Ukraine and the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Ballard will address the effect of disinformation and cyber-attacks on military operations, the challenges of urban warfare and lessons learned from warfare in the 2020s.

Calian Innovative Training Solutions

For more than 25 years, Calian has supported Canadian and global militaries with a suite of training solutions. As the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) training partner for simulation-based training since 1996, Calian develops and delivers individual and collective training with highly experienced instructors and facilitators.

Calian delivers end-to-end military training solutions—from the development of individual competencies to distributed collective training in a synthetic environment. Using the Virtual Command and Control Interface (VCCI) tools suite combined with MaestroEDE, Calian can integrate simulation data into a single environment to create a common operating picture.

In 2021, Calian acquired SimFront and SimWave, companies that deliver leading-edge immersive solutions for military training and individual occupational training. Calian now provides augmented, virtual or mixed reality solutions to deliver realistic training in an immersive environment that simulates real-world situations.

Visitors to CA2X2 will learn about these capabilities and more as Calian continues to expand its global presence in line with its four-pillar growth strategy.