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Training is the key to readiness for any military. Delivering realistic and challenging training is vital to preparing any military for the challenges they may face. By delivering challenging, realistic exercises, militaries build and sustain readiness. Calian has been a proven partner for the Canadian Army for over 25 years, designing, developing and delivering training to meet Canada’s readiness needs.

From Analog to Digital—Modernizing Training

In the 1990s, simulation-based training relied mostly on paper-based maps, wall-chart tracking, paper flipcharts and sticky notes. Analog management and paper-based injects were the norm, with Exercise Control (EXCON) coordinating the timeline and inject delivery using wall-sized paper tracking charts. The process was cumbersome, with EXCON coordinating and deconflicting activities to ensure a consistent, coherent version of the truth for all exercise participants. When Calian started working with the Canadian Army Simulation Centre (CASC), this was the technology available for delivering collective training.