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MaestroEDE™ is a software solution designed by Calian which provides exercise developers with resources to design, build, and conduct training events and exercises. This article will examine the full-scale capabilities of MaestroEDE and show why it has become the leading software solution for the delivery of no-fail military training among a diverse client base.

About the Platform

MaestroEDE began development in 2016 as a second-generation tool and has evolved into a software tool for exercise developers to design and develop exercise documentation and materials, assist in the delivery of an exercise, and help execute post-exercise activities. It is a full-scale tool which gives developers the resources to plan and execute training events and exercises from start to finish. It is a web-based tool that can be run in a stand-alone isolated environment, on-premises or in a software as a service (SaaS) mode.

At its core, the software is best described as a productivity tool. “The platform gives exercise developers the ability to manage a broad set of information against a backdrop of training objectives with a roadmap toward those objectives being met. These objectives run as a set of benchmarks to guide the content that is developed and delivered to the training audience. This functionality means it is a flexible tool that adapts to each user’s needs”, explains David Chupick, Calian Senior Advisor, Training and Emergency Management

Development and Growth

MaestroEDE was originally developed to support NATO and national E3D processes. The tool was designed to meet the needs of professional exercise designers who develop, deliver and report on training.

Since inception, the offering continues to grow, and Calian can now offer clients a full-suite of specialized training services to public and private sector organizations, including clients in defence, security and public safety.

Every year, the development team creates two major updates to the platform, as well as several minor tweaks and bug fixes. “Currently, the team is working on several major feature developments which we will be released over the next three years from our roadmap. Exciting features that we don’t see anyone doing in the market”, explains Eric Norton, Calian in-house Technical Solutions Architect for MaestroEDE.

The Future of MaestroEDE™—Delivering No-Fail Military Training

Looking ahead, Calian expects MaestroEDE to experience significant growth as the platform continues to adapt to the needs of its users. The MaestroEDE platform sits on a robust web API which allows it to be purpose-built to a client’s specifications, or to create integrations with other software. This means that Calian can tailor the platform to customize solutions that allow clients to deliver no-fail training exercises when needed.

With the recent acquisition of SimFront, MaestroEDE will be able to reach into many simulation and operational tools in-use by Calian customers enabling greater realism, decision support and data analytics.

The robustness of the platform also means that MaestroEDE can support exercise design, development and delivery for high-fidelity, large scale, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency exercises in preparation for military operational readiness, natural disasters and security training. This stands as an example of the true potential of the software.

“The MaestroEDE tool has become a reflection of the organizations that put their faith in it, and I think that’s an important message to how we treat the responsibility of solving complex problems that we get trusted to solve. I truly believe that that’s the reason the software is successful—because it reflects our customers’ needs”, says Norton.

MaestroEDE has seen expanded application in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The platform is ideal for the execution of training when users cannot gather. This has self-evident applications for Covid-19, but Calian also foresees expanded use of the platform to compensate for factors such as distance, time zones and the shift toward a hybrid work environment.


MaestroEDE is a proven tool developed to provide exercise leaders, planners and developers with unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and control when designing, building and conducting large, full-scale, complex training events and exercises. The service offering continues to expand as the client-base for the software increases, and Calian expects MaestroEDE to continue its rapid growth as the leading solution for no-fail military training.

Please join us at JMTS 2022 to see first-hand why MaestroEDE has become the leading software solution for delivery of no-fail military training.