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Calian provides innovative defence solutions across land, sea, air, cyber and space. Defence remains the largest segment serviced in terms of contracts, clients, employees and contractors. This article will examine the evolution of the Calian defence story across multiple business units—leading to the “all-up” defence solutions strategy offered today.

The Calian Defence Evolution

Calian has more than 25 years’ experience helping the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and NATO move forward with confidence. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its defence solutions across business units and service offerings.

Military Training

Calian has been the Canadian Armed Forces’ training partner for simulation-based training since 1996—delivering individual and collective training developed by defence and training experts.

Calian continues to expand and evolve training solutions to meet the growing needs of the CAF. The company designed and developed MaestroEDE™, a training system to enable trainers to develop, deliver and evaluate training in a single, simulated environment. MaestroEDE receives continual updates to meet emerging requirements for military training.

In 2021, Calian acquired SimFront and SimWave, sister companies that deliver leading-edge immersive simulation solutions for military training and beyond. This allows Calian to integrate multiple training systems into a single simulated environment. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions can now be provided to deliver realistic, immersive and configurable training environments for developing skills and competency in a safe environment.

Through these developments, Calian can now deliver end-to-end military training solutions—from the development of individual competencies to the distribution of collective training in a synthetic environment.


Since 2004, Calian has delivered clinical services to CAF members across Canada. The company employs clinicians across 75 specializations; including doctors, dentists and other specialists. Clinical services are delivered across Canada at Canadian military bases and at installations to keep CAF personnel healthy, ready and well-supported.

Defence Manufacturing and Engineering

Calian designs, develops, manufactures, tests and delivers custom components and systems to meet the needs of defence programs across Canada and the world. Stringent engineering and design standards are applied to all work completed. The company has delivered thousands of mission-critical systems and components for land-armoured vehicle programs and for Halifax-class Frigate.

Calian also completes contract manufacturing to deliver custom solutions tailor-made to client specifications. This includes the delivery of radar systems and components for Canadian Army armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

Communications and Connectivity

Calian provides ground-based communications and connectivity solutions to keep military units connected. Satellite communications systems deliver global connectivity for voice and data, ensuring timely passage of information to establish and maintain situational awareness. Our carbon fiber composite satellite communications antennas deliver superior performance requirements in all weather conditions, from anywhere on earth.

Calian GNSS antennas provide world-leading performance for position, navigation and timing applications on earth, at sea, in the air and in space. Calian GNSS antennas connect individual platforms or fleets of platforms to give users awareness of assets. For over 40 years, Calian has been delivering new innovations for military communications and connectivity.

Cyber Defence

Calian relies on its team of experts and consultants to deliver defence network security solutions. Its service offerings have grown to provide industry-leading tools, system integration, threat and vulnerability assessments, and real-time operational support for cyber defence.

Looking Forward—The Calian “All-Up” Defence Solutions Strategy

Calian continues to grow its defence solutions offerings to meet the growing needs of the defence community across Canada and worldwide. Calian works closely with the CAF, NATO and other allies to provide world-recognized defence solutions to meet mission-critical objectives.

Calian can now offer an “all-up” defence solutions strategy, which they will be proudly presenting for the first time at CANSEC 2022. This “all-up” strategy will see each business unit showcasing their defence capabilities, including end-to-end training and simulation solutions, health solutions, SATCOM, manufacturing and engineering solutions, cyber solutions and more.

Clients return because they are confident in receiving mission-ready solutions developed by experts. Calian is proud of its strong history and impact within the worldwide defence community and is excited to continue growing this all-up defence strategy into the future.