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Calian is sponsoring and exhibiting at DEFSEC 2022 from 3-6 October in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Calian is an Opening Reception Co-Sponsor and will have a booth at B813 on the show floor. As a leader in simulation-based training for militaries around the world, this is an important event for Calian.

Military Training and Solution Leader

Calian has been a training partner for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) since 1996 when we began delivering high-readiness training for the Canadian Army at the Canadian Army Simulation Centre (CASC). Working directly with the Canadian Army, we developed MaestroEDE™ to meet their training needs. MaestroEDE is a training system that enables trainers to develop, deliver and evaluate training in a single, simulated environment. MaestroEDE receives continual updates to meet emerging requirements for military training.

In 2021, Calian acquired SimFront and SimWave, bringing new capabilities in immersive simulation for military customers. These new capabilities allow Calian to integrate multiple training systems into a single simulated environment. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions can now be provided to deliver realistic, immersive and configurable training environments for developing skills and competency in a safe environment. Through these developments, Calian can now deliver end-to-end military training solutions—from the development of individual competencies to the distribution of collective training in a synthetic environment.

Calian also presents other solutions for military customers. We deliver cyber security and IT consulting services, health solutions and space solutions such as satcom, landing stations and engineering solutions. Calian also delivers defence manufacturing solutions including components, systems, subsystem and custom carbon fiber manufacturing.

What to Expect at DEFSEC

Members of the Calian team will be presenting during DEFSEC. On the evening of 4 October, John Fisher (Senior Director, Global Defence) will be introducing Leonardo for their presentation of a rescue at sea.

On 5 October, Kevin de Snayer (Director, Cyber Solution Delivery) will be doing an interview with ACADA on the tradeshow floor as part of the ACADA podcast series. Kevin will talk about the importance of people in cybersecurity and cyber defence. Training the workforce of tomorrow means fostering curiosity in all things in cyber during high school, and building and sustaining the pathway to careers. People are the lifeblood of all things cyber.

Also on 5 October, Jay Ballard, Military Training & Simulation Lead for Calian, will be presenting an overview of the lessons learned from the war in Ukraine up until now. This includes an overview of the importance of the will to fight, logistics, air defence and air superiority, the use of small commercial UAVs, and what it all means for future conflict. This presentation will be delivered in the third presentation slot in the ACADA Presentation Pavilion at 2:00pm.

Come visit us at booth B813, visit us at, or find us on LinkedIn.