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There are 40,000 families of full-time regular force Canadian Armed Forces personnel. While military members receive healthcare through the military, their families access care through provincial healthcare programs.

Calian Health, in partnership with Military Family Services (MFS), has been offering the Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN) since 2016. The goal of the program is to improve access to quality healthcare for families of serving Canadian Armed Forces members by speeding up the process of obtaining a physician and reducing the number of military spouses and children without a family physician. The MFDN program is provided at no cost to families of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Gordon McDonald, President of Calian Health, says, “Calian recognizes that military families face unique circumstances: frequent relocations and regular family absences due to training and/or deployment. We are proud that Calian has been able to support military families by referring more than 3,875 military family members to doctors in the MFDN network since launching in 2016.”

Says Laurie Ogilvie, Senior VP, Military Family Services, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services “with each move, military families in Canada are required to seek out new healthcare providers and inevitably land on the bottom of a new waiting list if the demand for healthcare in their new community is high. The Military Family Doctor Network (MFDN) helps to mitigate this challenge by actively working to connect physicians with newly posted military families. Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services’ Military Family Services, and the military family constituency, have greatly benefitted from the ongoing Calian efforts to to support improved healthcare outcomes for families.”