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2023 will go down as Canada’s worst wildfire season on record. As of September 20, 6,400 fires had burned across over 175,000 square kilometers, affecting all 13 provinces and territories. It is the most area burned in Canada’s recorded history, with nearly 200,000 Canadians placed under evacuation orders. Climate experts say that these fires can no longer be considered anomalies.

In response to these devastating wildfires, Calian has made a $10,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross 2023 Canada Wildfire Fund. Money raised goes to those affected by the 2023 wildfire season, supporting pan-Canada relief, recovery and risk reduction efforts. The fund focuses on equity of assistance across Canada to address identified needs and gaps. Activities may include mitigation or climate adaptation to reduce future wildfire risks.

Calian is committed to responding to natural disasters across Canada and the world. Our emergency management team partners with communities to develop comprehensive action plans to prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters caused by natural events. Additionally, we have aligned our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals surrounding climate change, and responsible consumption and production.

We are also supporting organizations like Team Rubicon Canada who time and again have responded to communities in need following the devastating impact of wildfires across Canada.

With wildfire season forecasted to continue well into autumn in much of Canada, Calian is dedicated to supporting those affected in the immediate aftermath, and long after the clean-up, of natural disasters.

We encourage our partners and friends to join us in donating to the Canada Wildfire Fund or other humanitarian organizations in support of this important cause.