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Management at JJ Trucking Ltd in Arcola, SK struggled with the decision to buy their own fuel tank. “Our biggest question was about monitoring it,” said Sheila Sim. “We didn’t want stealing; theft was a big concern.” Indeed there was reason for hesitation - the JJ Trucking yard is a mile east of the town and unsupervised overnight, but the savings were tempting. By purchasing their own tank, they could save up to five cents per litre over the current practice of using their fuel provider’s cardlock services. Cents add up when the fleet size approaches 100 vehicles. The availability of Fuel Lock® by IntraGrain Technologies, a Calian subsidiary, helped tilt their decision to become a bulk fuel customer.

The managers at JJ Trucking Ltd were introduced to Fuel Lock when Arcola Co-op Association hosted a supplier night. Representatives from IntraGrain gave a presentation, and by the end of the evening, JJ Trucking purchased a new device. Fuel Lock Business controls access to fuel with a keypad-based PIN system, and reports usage data to a mobile app. With the purchase of a 60,000 L fuel tank, JJ Trucking adopted a new approach to supplying fuel to its vehicles and registered PINs to 76 employees. “What I love about Fuel Lock® is the keypad,” said Lorne Neuls. “There are no cards, no key fobs – nothing. You just have to remember your number and you’re set. It’s super simple.”

The operations at JJ Trucking are just as simple – at the beginning of the day, employees take out their truck, excavator or payloader. At the end of day, they fuel up. The routine helped Sheila spot irregularity in filling activities. “I’d get the notification whenever someone fills, so I’d phone Lorne to compare notes on the activity and we’d realize ‘hey – this isn’t right.’ The guys work pretty consistent shifts.” Sheila would cancel the PIN and issue a new one to the employee. Employees learned to guard their PIN like a password.

PIN-generated data has served JJ Trucking in other aspects of its record keeping. The company uses ExakTime, time tracking and scheduling software for the construction industry, but sometimes employees would forget to clock out. In these instances, Sheila consults the time of their fuel fill at the end of the day and adds 20 minutes for a good estimate of hours worked. The tidy record keeping also helps keep fuel purchase data separate from JJ Trucking’s co-owned company, LD Allan Enterprises of Creelman, SK. Finally, they benefit from accurate usage data for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting.

In spring 2019, JJ Trucking upgraded to Fuel Lock® Commercial by adding a Tattle device that monitors the tank level and notifies Dunn Transport when fuel is low. Dunn then fills JJ Transport’s tank on behalf of Arcola Co-op on its way from the refinery. It automates the purchasing procedure and Lorne, who helps manage the company’s operations, has one fewer task to do.

The Fuel Lock® system has introduced conveniences to JJ Trucking’s operations from record keeping to purchasing, but the key benefit is that it has helped JJ Trucking save money. The security features provided the assurances to management to replace its use of cardlock services to become a bulk fuel user that maintains a fuel tank. Said Lorne, “the savings paid for Fuel Lock® very quickly.”

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