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BURNABY, British Columbia, Oct. 04, 2017 -- PerfectMind, creators of the cutting-edge membership management, activity registration and facility-booking platform, has announced it is expanding its implementation team with the support of Calian Group in a new partnership.

The partnership with Calian provides scalability for PerfectMind's fast-growing client base, allowing it to continue satisfying project demands while upholding its high standard of customer service. Calian's expertise in professional IT services and experience with complex IT initiatives complements PerfectMind's commitment to its clients in ensuring the success and timely delivery of each project.

PerfectMind has been a dominant player in the membership management space for more than 17 years and has been rapidly gaining traction across North America as the recreation management solution of choice for parks and recreation centres. Facing significant demand, the partnership with Calian IT Professional Services ensures PerfectMind will continue to effectively deliver projects while upholding best-in-class customer service.

"We're very excited about this partnership and look forward to working with Calian Group on our future projects. We've found the solution to sustainably meet our growing business demands, without compromising the customer experience," said PerfectMind COO Ali Sanei. "Our partnership with Calian Group helps reinforce our growth, and underscores our commitment to each client in ensuring that their experience with PerfectMind is impeccable at every step of their journey."

In the last two years, PerfectMind has brought more than 900 organizations onto its platform, including more than 100 municipalities. The enterprise-class software serves member-based organizations of all sizes across a broad range of markets, including municipalities, residents' associations, school districts, academic institutions, and recreation centres. Small to medium-sized businesses like yoga studios, martial arts schools and gyms across the world currently also use PerfectMind to connect with their members and grow their communities.

"PerfectMind is becoming the de facto standard for recreational management solutions. By combining PerfectMind's technology with Calian's delivery expertise, together we are well-positioned to offer a technology solution to public and private sector organizations that will enhance their ability to provide world-class self-service solutions to their clients and community members," said Sandra Cote, VP, IT Services at Calian.

Calian experts are distributed across North America, meaning that PerfectMind clients from coast to coast will be well-supported with its in-house implementation team supplemented by Calian professionals. "The partnership with Calian provides us with the scalability needed to continue delivering exceptional customer service," said Nima Jazbi, Director of Customer Service at PerfectMind. "The added resources allow us to continue taking on the increasing number of projects without compromising our high level of customer service."

PerfectMind continues to be an increasingly popular recreation management platform. With no plans of slowing down its exponential growth, PerfectMind continues to empower organizations of all sizes to grow and support their communities. Learn more at

About PerfectMind

PerfectMind software is used by more than 5,000 organizations in 21 countries. The company's innovative platform empowers cities, parks and recreation organizations, higher education and health and wellness businesses of all sizes to better connect with their communities. PerfectMind has twice been listed on the Profit100 list of fastest growing companies in Canada and has been selected by city leaders throughout Canada and the United States to enhance increasingly diverse and mobile populations' access to city programs and facilities to support healthy and active lifestyles. Find out more at

About Calian IT Professional Services

Calian's IT Professional Services team has the experience and expertise to support complex IT initiatives and manage discrete IT functions in support of our customers' business and technology needs regardless of platform or applications. Customers choose Calian to deliver quality IT Professional Services in IT Consulting, Cyber Security and IT Products. Calian, a diverse professional services company, employs over 2,800 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. Find out more at

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