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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, October 12, 2017-- MedX Health Corp. (“MedX”) (TSX-V: MDX) notes that despite unusually sweltering heat in Toronto, hundreds of people participated in the Strides for Melanoma Walk for Awareness on Sunday, September 24 in Sunnybrook Park. The annual event, which included concurrent 5Km walks in cities across Canada, is a key fundraiser organized by the Melanoma Network of Canada (“MNC”), a national skin cancer patient advocacy and educational network.

The MNC is collaborating with MedX to create an early detection and sun safety program for Canadians through participating corporations across the country, including melanoma and sun safety education, and an onsite skin cancer-screening program using MedX’s pain-free, non-invasive SIAscopy technology.

MedX has partnered with Calian Health's Primacy Management Inc. ("Primacy") clinics to conduct a pilot project that offers this unique skin assessment screening solution in select Primacy clinics in Canada.

MedX and Primacy set up a booth at the MNC’s Strides Walk in Toronto so that participants, many of whom have lost loved ones to melanoma, could have their moles or lesions scanned on the spot.

“We took almost 90 scans within a few hours and identified a number of suspicious moles and lesions for follow-up,” said Mike Druhan, Vice President, Corporate Development at MedX. “One of the most compelling and meaningful aspects of MedX’s pain-free, non-invasive scanning technology is that we can quickly alleviate the anxiety of not knowing whether a mole or lesion could be cancer. A scan takes mere seconds and there is no discomfort to the individual. When reviewed by a trained professional, our technology can discern very quickly and accurately if a mole or lesion is suspicious,” Mr. Druhan said.

Dr. Paul Cohen, a renowned Toronto-based dermatologist who is also on MedX’s Medical Advisory Board, assisted at the Strides Walk by offering on-site review of the scans. Most of the scans were found to be benign, and any of those that were suspicious are being followed up by Dr. Cohen.

“The value of MedX’s innovative technology is undeniable – it helps save lives. Skin cancer rates are rising expeditiously around the world, and in some areas of the globe are bordering on epidemic levels. If the medical community had access to MedX’s SIAscopy technology, it would be a game-changer, potentially saving many millions of lives,” Dr. Cohen said.

Primacy General Manager, Melanie Holek, said: “This technology is being very well received by patients and our goal is to expand this program across Canada.” Primacy’s pilot program with MedX's screening solution is going well in select Primacy clinics. Current locations include Hamilton, Carleton Place, Ont., and Sudbury, with a Toronto location expected soon.

“Incidence rates of melanoma have increased in both males and females over the past several decades. With the rising number of new cases each year amongst Canadians, there will be a corresponding increase in the need for easy access to screening, detection and treatment,” said Alexa Cain, Executive Director of MNC. “MedX and Primacy are working together to revolutionize the healthcare system and save more Canadian lives through early detection.”

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation of Canada, approximately 80,000 skin cancers are diagnosed in the country each year, more than 5,000 of which are melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. There are more new cases of skin cancer annually than those of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined. Despite this, only about 10% of Canadians have their moles and lesions screened on a regular basis.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in young people aged 15 to 29. When caught early it is largely curable, but once the cancer has spread to other organs the median life expectancy is less than a year and costs the healthcare system exponentially more due to a need for very expensive treatments. Frequent skin screenings, early detection and a strong focus on prevention are all necessary to stop the rise in melanoma cases.

This year’s Strides for Melanoma Walk for Awareness raised over $300,000 and donations are still being accepted.

About the Melanoma Network of Canada

The Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) provides support services, information and programs for individuals whose lives have been changed by melanoma. MNC provides the leading national voice for melanoma patients in Canada for early detection and improved treatment access and works diligently to prevent more Canadians from developing melanoma through public awareness and youth and adult education on sun safety. For more information, please visit Charitable Registration number: 854913050RR0001

About Primacy Management Inc., a Calian Group Company

Primacy is the largest medical clinic management company in Canada with more than 800 physicians practicing at more than 140 clinics located in Loblaw stores (including Real Canadian Superstore®, Zehrs®, Loblaws® and No Frills®) across Canada. Primacy clinics collectively serve over 6 million patients a year.

About Calian Health

Calian Health is one of Canada's largest national health services organizations with over 10 years of experience in the management of healthcare professionals and health programs, as well as the operation and management of primary care and occupational health. With a network of over 1,800 healthcare professionals, Calian supports over six million patient visits per year at over 180 clinic locations across Canada.

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