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OTTAWA, Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – Calian today officially launched Calian ResponseReady™, a licensed software solution now available for the design, delivery and evaluation of emergency exercises and training.

Today’s need for a structured approach to managing emergency situations requires organizations of all sizes to test plans and procedures through an exercise and training program. Calian ResponseReady supports the design, delivery and evaluation of realistic exercises ranging from large-scale, multi-department, multi-agency exercises, to smaller organizational exercises and drills.

The software solution is applicable to the work of emergency management professionals responsible for situations such as floods, wildfires and pandemics; communications personnel who manage public response during a crisis; experts mandated with maintaining critical infrastructure safety such as that of nuclear power facilities; or enterprise IT teams responsible for business continuity related to cyber security threats.

Using Calian ResponseReady, exercise designers can select a scenario from Calian’s library to fit their needs or create a customized scenario. The software brings the scenario to life, delivering a realistic experience to participants. What sets Calian ResponseReady apart is the realism of its social media simulation, allowing for the real-world practice of crisis communications on social media platforms. For example, the function allows participants to practice the monitoring of public opinion regarding response efforts, the dissemination of important information to the public during a crisis, and the monitoring and correction of misinformation circulating on social media as an emergency situation unfolds.

Following the exercise, an evaluation function provides identification of lessons learned through an assessment of the effectiveness of the response, with fair and accurate findings supported by the observations of the evaluators. Calian ResponseReady enhances the realism of the training experience and identifies gaps in emergency plans and best practices for improvement.

“Calian ResponseReady was developed by Calian’s very own nuclear engineering team, to support large-scale nuclear exercises,” said Gord Youngson, Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services. “We are pleased to announce it’s now available as a commercial product. With various licensing models to fit a range of organizational needs – including number of exercise designers, participants and functionality – Calian ResponseReady allows for cost-effective, highly realistic exercise planning and delivery.”

“This innovative software solution will help emergency management departments save training time and guide their organizations to successful training and planning outcomes,” said Don Whitty, Vice President, Learning. “Whether the team is new to emergency exercise planning or they are augmenting existing departmental capacity, Calian ResponseReady will equip them with a powerful design, delivery and evaluation solution.”

“I am very excited about the potential of this product across a number of industries,” stated Kevin Ford, President and CEO. “Emergency preparedness has never been more important and Calian has served this market successfully for many years. Now, existing and new customers can take advantage of this innovative, industry-leading product.”

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