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Unique Identification (UID) to improve tracking, remediation, and life cycle management of materiel assets

OTTAWA, July 26, 2021 – Calian® Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY), deliverer of trusted solutions across Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning and IT & Cyber Solutions segments, was awarded a Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) contract to support the Data Remediation and Marking of Serial Managed Materiel (DRM-SM) program. Leveraging Calian expertise in advanced technologies, DND will be able to seamlessly track approximately 2.7 million assets using a scalable, trusted life cycle management process.

DND is initiating a program to add Unique Identification (UID) to all serially managed materiel. This program is in support of the implementation of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) to all assets owned by DND and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) that do not currently have a UID mark. It is estimated that approximately 2.7 million assets will have to be labelled and remediated. The initial value of this contract is $5.75 million.

“Calian is enabling an innovative and trusted tracking system that will scale to achieve DND’s needs today and into the future,” says Patrick Thera, President at Calian, Advanced Technologies. “Calian is committed to the success of the UID program and understands its importance to DND.”

With millions of assets being managed by DND and the CAF, marking every single asset with a UID is a strategic initiative. DND is committed to the highest standards and the resulting state-of-the-art system will seamlessly enable materiel management—from superior tracking to improved remediation to trusted life cycle management.

About Calian, Advanced Technologies

Calian Advanced Technologies solutions include satellite gateways and infrastructure for RF communications, telemetry, tracking and control systems, space science and earth observation. Calian Advanced Technologies provides leading-edge communication products for terrestrial and satellite networks. In addition, we enable our commercial and defence customers to deliver reliable, high-quality products and systems by providing them with superior electronics engineering, manufacturing and test services. One of our key markets is satellite RF ground systems solutions for customers that have complex technical requirements. Our customers are leaders in their industries providing systems tailored to meet their demanding requirements, with practical solutions, delivered on time and on budget.

About Calian

Calian employs over 4,500 people in its delivery of diverse products and solutions for private sector, government and defence customers in North American and global markets. The Company’s diverse capabilities are delivered through: Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning, and IT and Cyber Solutions. Advanced Technologies provides innovative products, technologies and manufacturing services and solutions for the space, communications, defence, nuclear, government and agriculture sectors. Health manages a network of more than 2,400 healthcare professionals delivering primary care and occupational health services to public and private sector clients across Canada. Learning is a trusted provider of emergency management, consulting and specialized training services and solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces and clients in the defence, health, energy and other sectors. IT and Cyber Solutions supports public and private-sector customer requirements for subject matter expertise in the delivery of complex IT and cyber security solutions. Headquartered in Ottawa, the Company’s offices and projects span Canada and international markets. For further information, please visit our website at

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