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Toronto, Ontario - June 6, 2016 Calian Group Ltd. (TSX: CTY) Training service line is pleased to announce that it has been awarded three more contracts in Emergency Response Preparedness Training with City of Kingston, Olds College and Bruce Power.

“Calian is a leading expert in the design, development and delivery of the complete range of emergency management training, education and exercise activities – from comparatively basic one-day table top exercises to complex and demanding multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency complex full-scale exercises,” said Jerry Johnston, VP, Calian Training.

Recently Calian's Training service line has been awarded its second contract with the City of Kingston in support of in the design and delivery of Emergency Response Preparedness Training exercise that will expand on previous work conducted in 2015.

In May, Calian assisted Olds College (Alberta) to train the leaders, within the institution, on their roles and responsibilities through a simulated tornado event. Calian's support included pre-training event coordination, an in-depth review of their current Emergency Response Plan, and the delivery of a table-top exercise enhanced through the use of advanced C4i simulation technology. Recognizing the role of a post-secondary institution within a community, this table-top exercise was expanded to include representation from the provincial emergency response agency, the local school board, the provincial health authority, fire, EMS and the affected municipalities.

Calian also continues to support Bruce Power to design, develop and support their Emergency Response Preparedness Corporate Exercises for 2016. This builds on the very successful multi-year relationship that has grown between the two companies.

Calian is a major sponsor of the World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM), to be held on June 7th and 8th at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is the largest event of its kind in North America, boasting more than 1,500 attendees from 40 countries worldwide.

Concurrent to the WCDM, Calian will be supporting Emergency Management BC (EMBC) with Exercise Coastal Response 2016. The exercise will bring together over 500 participants from key stakeholder groups – multiple levels of government, various jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S., and a number of provincial ministries, First Nations, Crown corporations and first responders – in a coordinated and integrated way to activate the B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan (IRP). The goal is to exercise elements of the IRP and strengthen relationships among and across partners and stakeholders to enhance operational coordination.

At Calian's WCDM luncheon presentation on Wednesday, June 8th from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm there will be a 'Live Stream' to the EMBC Exercise, giving attendees an inside look into this large scale event in real-time.

“These contracts and our strong presence at the World Conference on Disaster Management demonstrate the unique strength and expertise of Calian’s training service line,” said Kevin Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Calian. “Aligned with the service line evolution pillar of our growth strategy, we are continually growing and evolving this service line to provide governments and private organizations alike with world class training capabilities.”

About Calian Training

Calian's Training service line prepares leaders and their teams to effectively resolve the most complex of emergency situations for which the consequences of failure are profound. With over two decades of experience in developing customer-focused training, education and exercises, Calian's Training service line are experts at ensuring emergency response preparedness.

For over 20 years, Calian has supported numerous military and public sector organizations as they prepared for large and complex "no-fail" events. With hundreds of highly-skilled and well-qualified personnel – most of whom have many years of experience in the development and execution of this specialized training - Calian prepares teams to quickly and effectively resolve potentially catastrophic emergency situations. Calian has effectively prepared organizations to respond to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados; terrorist attacks; public disturbances; unexpected shutdowns or system compromise; transportation accidents such as spills, derailments and crashes; etc.

Working in support of Public Safety Canada, Calian has provided comprehensive training, education and exercise support for the dozens of municipal, provincial, federal and international agencies tasked to ensure the security and safety of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Calian also provided equivalent support for the G8 and G20 Conferences that took place the same year in Southern Ontario and Toronto. These successes reflect Calian’s ability to develop exceptionally effective training, education and exercise products and support for events that are truly multi-jurisdictional in nature and which call upon a wide range of multi-disciplinary skills.

About Calian

Calian employs over 2,500 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. The company's capabilities are diverse with services delivered through two divisions. The Business and Technology Services (BTS) Division is headquartered in Ottawa and includes the provision of business and technology services to industry, public and government in the health, training, engineering and IT services domains. Calian's Systems Engineering Division (SED) located in Saskatoon plans, designs and implements complex communication systems for many of the world's space agencies and leading satellite manufacturers and operators. SED also provides contract manufacturing services for both private sector and military customers in North America.

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