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Ottawa, Ontario September 5, 2017 – Calian Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY) is pleased to announce the appointment of Young Park to Calian’s Board of Directors effective September 1, 2017.

Ms. Park is an accomplished C-level executive who provides a unique combination of extensive business and technology transformations, corporate governance, and risk management experience. With more than 30 years of experience in FinTech, Insurance, Telecommunications, and public sectors, Ms. Park has provided executive leadership and consulting on go-to-market strategy, new products and services development resulting in revenue growth. She has also led organizational and business transformation, technology transformation including digitalization, innovation, enterprise and IT risk management, business continuity planning, large complex operations management including global delivery, and P&L management.

Working with enterprise-level professional boards in both private and public companies to enable the leadership and funding of business and technology transformations has been fundamental in Ms. Park's previous executive roles. As a key leader in mergers and acquisitions, she has led the assessment of business, technology and executive leadership of global enterprise acquisitions as well as the integrations effectively. Ms. Park has previously worked at the executive level in organizations such as D+H and CGI Group Inc.

Ms. Park received her Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo in May 1985. She is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and earned her ICD.D designation in 2015. Ms. Park is also active in the community serving as a longtime member of non-for-profit boards that include a focus on skilled immigrant employment, mentoring and coaching all levels of professionals including senior executives, healthcare, and community well-being.

“We are very pleased to have Ms. Park's extensive experience augment Calian’s Board of Directors", said Kenneth Loeb, Chairman of the Board. "On behalf of the other members of the board, we look forward to working with her in this new capacity”.

With the addition of Ms. Park, Calian’s board is now made up of seven members with backgrounds in the areas of business, government, technology, healthcare and defence, all critical to the continued growth and prosperity of the company.

About Calian

Calian employs over 2,800 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. The company's capabilities are diverse with services delivered through two divisions. The Business and Technology Services (BTS) Division is headquartered in Ottawa and includes the provision of business and technology services to industry, public and government in the health, training, engineering and IT services domains. Calian’s Systems Engineering Division (SED) located in Saskatoon plans, designs and implements complex communication systems for many of the world’s space agencies and leading satellite manufacturers and operators. SED also provides contract manufacturing services for both private sector and military customers in North America.

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