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The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) has organized the 4th International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors (G4SR-4) that will take place at the Delta Hotel Toronto Airport and Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario from Oct 3-6, 2022.

The next generation of nuclear reactors, which include small modular reactors (SMRs) and micro modular reactors (MMRs), will play an important role in addressing the energy, health, safety, security and climate change goals of the world. G4SR-4 is an international forum for the industry and stakeholders to work together to identify obstacles and opportunities, and seek solutions through dialogue, engagement and collaboration.

The Calian Nuclear team is proudly supporting the next generation of nuclear reactors in Canada.

Calian Nuclear provides Nuclear and Environmental Services, including technological safety and risk-based solutions for the nuclear industry.

Environmental Protection - Calian Nuclear has significant expertise in modelling and assessing the radiological impact of nuclear facilities and activities on the environment.

Radiation Protection - Calian Nuclear provides support to the nuclear industry, government and defense organizations for the development, implementation and certification of radiation protection and dosimetry programs.

Decommissioning and Waste Management – Calian Nuclear has expertise in planning, performing, and evaluating the results of final status and characterization surveys in accordance with industry best practices.

Regulatory Affairs and Licensing - Calian Nuclear has extensive knowledge of nuclear regulatory requirements and standards, as well as comprehensive experience in supporting regulatory activities both in Canada and internationally.

Emergency Preparedness and Training
- Calian Nuclear is a leader in the provision of nuclear emergency response (NER) training and exercises. Calian Nuclear also delivers comprehensive NER and nuclear power plant operations training courses.

To learn more or for inquiries, email our Calian Nuclear team at
[email protected].