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SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition is renowned as the premier destination for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the satellite industry. This event facilitates connections between all segments of the satellite industry and beyond.

Register here with VIP Code: CAL2533 to receive a FREE Exhibit Hall Pass or to obtain a $350 Conference Pass discount.

We will have team members from Calian, Advanced Technologies, including Calian Antenna Solutions, SatService and Calian Pacific Teleports onsite to answer any questions you may have. Ask our experts how our Calian products and solutions can improve your bottom line.

To schedule a meeting with a Calian team member in dedicated meeting room #2961, please email [email protected].

During the event, our Calian experts will also participate in the SATELLITE 2024 conference panel, view details below.

- Leanna Smith-Ryland, CEO, Hawaii Pacific Teleport is a speaker for “The Teleport Business Model in a Software Driven World” panel on Wed, March 20, 2024 at 2:45pm in room 146 A/B.

- Peter Waskowic, VP, Satcom Products is a moderator for “Satellite Channel Modeling for 5G Wireless Device Testing” panel Wednesday, March 20 at 2:45pm in room 146C.

- Patrick Thera, President, Calian Advanced Technologies is a moderator for “Why Satellite Companies Should be Aware of the LoRaWAN Protocol” panel on March 21, 2024 at 10:45am-in room 146C.

Calian-made Antennas
Calian has a full line of metal and composite carbon fiber antennas suitable for a variety of applications including satellite communications, deep space and radio astronomy, and defence.

Custom RF Systems

Calian designs and integrates complex RF systems for satellite communications, deep space and radio astronomy The company's solutions include antennas, baseband, control, tracking, measurement, and telemetry systems for space communications from L-band to V-band, providing customers with a wide range of options to choose from. Calian’s scope starts with requirements definition and extends to long-term maintenance and support after installation.

Software Defined Solutions

Calian, Advanced Technologies' Software Defined Solutions group provides software solutions for satellite communications, capacity management, and performance monitoring.

Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer
Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Decimator D4 RF Spectrum and Signal Analyzer is designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal issues anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

Access Product for Cable Networks

Calian access products for cable networks offer flexible yet high-performance DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 Remote PHY solutions that help operators cost-effectively transform legacy nodes into a next-generation distributed access solution.

Transmitters, Receivers and Modems
The Calian line of satellite transmitters, receivers, and modems continues to provide customers with high-performance units for use in their networks or to integrate into their service offerings.

Calian Teleport Services
Calian operates teleports in three regions, providing reliable satellite communications for a wide range of customers and services. Teleports are located in Hawaii, Guam and Saskatoon, providing satellite communication services across the world. Additionally, Calian has access to third-party sites across the Canadian Arctic to host customer equipment.

Satservice sat-nms Products
The SatService sat-nms Product Family provides you with first-class equipment including antenna and control tracking solutions, monitoring and control systems, and L-band transmission equipment – hardware and software products developed and produced in Germany.