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CommunicAsia is a part of Asia Tech X Singapore, the region's flagship tech festival and gateway to the world’s fastest growing digital economies. CommunicAsia brings together communication service providers (CSPs), market disruptors, technology vendors, system integrators, cloud providers, regulators, industry analysts, associations, foundations and enterprises all in one location.

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Antennas and RF Systems
Calian, Advanced Technologies provides full turnkey services to meet all your Antennas and RF Systems needs for satellite tracking, communications, and control.

Composite Carbon Fiber Antenna

Calian offers medium and large composite carbon fiber reflector antennas, built to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the next-generation RF ground systems.

Software Defined Solutions

Calian, Advanced Technologies' Software Defined Solutions group provides software solutions for satellite communications, capacity management, and performance monitoring.

Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer
Calian, Advanced Technologies’ Decimator D4 RF Spectrum and Signal Analyzer is designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal issues anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

Transmitters, Receivers and Modems
Calian’s line of satellite transmitters, receivers, and modems continues to provide customers with high-performance units for use in their networks or to integrate into their service offerings.

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