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AUVSI, XPONENTIAL is a gathering for leaders and end-users in every industry to experience new technology, strike up new partnerships, solve real problems and write the next chapter of automated innovation.

Stop by our booth #1247 to see the latest low-profile full band Helical antennas.

Tallysman®, a Calian Company, is a developer, manufacturer, and provider of GNSS, Iridium antennas and accessories in support of our customers who are engaged in a broad range of satellite-based positioning, navigation, and data applications.

Tallysman is known for its Accutenna® and VeraPhase® technology, as well as its recently introduced VeroStarTM and Helical innovations.

These technologies have proven themselves to provide the highest performance antennas (low axial ratios, high multi-path signal rejection, tight PCV) in their size and weight, while setting lower economical price points. Tallysman’s antennas are the antennas of choice for a wide variety of applications.