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ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo is Europe’s most influential hub for automotive innovation, research, and development and showcasing the industry's latest technologies.

Stop by our Tallysman booth 6332 and discover our precision GNSS antennas and signal splitters designed for automotive applications.

Tallysman® is a developer, manufacturer, and provider of GNSS, Iridium antennas and accessories in support of our customers who are engaged in a broad range of satellite-based positioning, navigation, and data applications.

Tallysman is known for its Accutenna® and VeraPhase® technology, as well as its recently introduced VeroStarTM and Helical innovations.

These technologies have proven themselves to provide the highest performance antennas (low axial ratios, high multi-path signal rejection, tight PCV) in their size and weight, while setting lower economical price points. Tallysman’s antennas are the antennas of choice for a wide variety of applications.