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The Western Region Virtual Conference highlights the latest member activity in the west, combining the annual Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference and the Vancouver Ahead of the Curve Conference into one outstanding event presented over two afternoons.

Conference Overview

Day One (March 28)

Join us at 12PM (MT) on March 28 for an afternoon of discussion about and exploration of equity and sustainability in the delivery of care— systems, workforces, and resources, both public and private—including successes and lessons learned from international health leaders and a closer look at key social determinants of health.

Day Two (March 29)

Join us at 12PM (MT) on March 29 and share perspectives on BC healthcare delivery over the past 12 months. Open discussions will be followed by a look at successful partnerships formed across the seven provincial health ministries and the role that digital health can play in continued collaboration. Finally, panelists will examine how strategies, policies, interoperability and collaboration might hold the key to the future of successful healthcare delivery in BC.