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Calian Cyber Resilience Office
We are an award-winning and full-service cyber resilience office, with more than 30 years of heritage, providing organizations with the right people, process, technology and customized solutions to strengthen their resilience posture. 

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  • Bill Dunnion

    Bill Dunnion

    CISM Director, Calian Cyber Resilience Office

    Human Firewall: Strengthening the weakest link in your security chain - Creating the Human Firewall

    The latest security countermeasures, technology and experts are no match for the people and employees this technology is meant to protect. A simple mouse click, post-it note or thumb drive left on the bus can be the start of a critical, embarrassing and costly breach. It's no wonder why cyber criminals use employees or people as their primary target in well over 90% of successful attacks. This session will review the importance of continual security awareness programs and the consideration of technology geared to protecting the user from doing harm to themselves and their organization.

  • James Phillips

    James Phillips

    Senior Security Advisor, Program Lead at the University of Toronto for the Cyber Incident Management Certificate

    Supporting Business Resilience through Incident Readiness

    Organizations are no longer measured on whether they fall victim to an attack, rather they will be measured on how they respond to these unfortunate attacks. Organizations must prepare properly in order to perform adequately in the face of the stress and pressure of dealing with a major incident in the heat of the moment.

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