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Using modelling software and conducting field surveys to characterize and protect against radiation hazards

Radiation protection is an imperative element of any facility that uses sources of radiation. Calian Nuclear takes steps to understand each company's needs and ensures that radiation doses at each facility are as low as reasonably achievable. The scope of these services includes:

  • Developing radiation protection plans, procedures, and programs
  • Characterizing, modelling, and optimizing radiation shielding
  • Planning, training, conducting, and providing ongoing support for radiological surveys and evaluations
  • Developing radiation dose models for internal and external exposure
  • Providing training for radiation physics and detection, as well as radiobiology
  • Developing and reviewing regulatory standards (and guidelines)

Sample project: Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Protection Procedures

And Director General Nuclear Safety National Radon Survey


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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

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RTI International

RTI International (RTI) is an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition. RTI is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC and was established in 1958. Based on experience responding to the 2011 Fukushima incident, RTI developed and provides the nuclear industry with advanced software solutions to enhance radiological monitoring, emergency preparedness and exercise programs



SimFront Simulation Systems is dedicated to the delivery of constructive simulation related products and software development services to the military and defence sector.


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ResponseReady was developed by Calian Nuclear to significantly increase the ease and effectiveness of exercise design and control. The tool provides a back-end, entitled Narrator, that allows all Controllers to view, track and manage their respective injects, provides Exercise Control updates from Lead Controllers and a chat functionality so all controllers can provide secure communications on exercise progress, issues etc.

ResponseReady also provides a dynamic ‘front-end’ for inject simulation and display. The front-end includes media sites for news articles (videos, posts, etc.), social media injects which are provided through simulated ‘closed’ Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumbler and blog apps. Technical data injects, as well as exercise contact information can also be available. This front-end is fully customizable to provide flexibility in inject simulation type for each exercise and client.


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