Emergency Response Preparedness

Calian Training is a professional services training company that prepares leaders and their teams to effectively resolve the most complex of emergency situations for which the consequences of failure are profound.

With over two decades of experience in developing customer-focused training, education and exercises, Calian is an expert at ensuring emergency response preparedness.


For over 20 years, Calian has supported numerous military and public sector organizations as they prepared for large and complex "no-fail" events.


With hundreds of highly-skilled and well-qualified personnel – most of whom have many years of experience in the development and execution of this specialized training - Calian stands ready to prepare your team to quickly and effectively resolve potentially catastrophic emergency situations.


We have effectively prepared organizations to respond to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados; terrorist attacks; public disturbances; unexpected shutdowns or system compromise; transportation accidents such as spills, derailments and crashes; and much, much more.


In October 2012, Calian worked with Ontario's Bruce Power nuclear plant to execute a provincial exercise known as the Huron Challenge - Trillium Resolve. In the wake of the Fukashima disaster, Calian's training team performed the analysis, design, development, coordination and delivery of this high-quality training event. Calian continues to support Bruce Power in conducting a wide range of training, education and exercise activities.


See the Huron Challenge - Trillium Resolve in action!


The Calian difference is that while we apply tried and true methodologies to the development and delivery of courses and exercises, there is no 'cookie cutter' approach. Calian first invests the appropriate time and resources to draw on the client's knowledge in order to gain an understanding of their fundamental and critical issues and challenges. With this understanding in hand, Calian is then well-prepared to design a focused, cost-effective and client-tailored training and education program which can then be tested and validated through a range of activities such as seminars,  "table-top exercises", or within realistic, scenario-based, multi-jurisdiction training environments employing a range of simulation technologies.


Throughout these activities, we will provide routine progress reports, based on customer-identified key metrics, which will allow the client to adapt or focus our efforts as required. On completion of the program, Calian will conduct a post-exercise review and then develop and deliver a comprehensive report that will ideally serve as a baseline for future planning. A critical element of this analysis and assessment is the identification of the client's risk tolerance levels and catastrophic risk exposure.

The result is a well-prepared and tested team that is confident and ready to address even the most complex of emergency situations - because they have a well-defined and fully tested plan that they know will work should a crisis arise.


In short, Calian is the organization that you can trust to ensure that your team is fully prepared for any crisis.


Calian is a key training partner for the Canadian Armed Forces and has orchestrated numerous multi-jurisdiction, emergency preparedness training programs for a range of government departments as they prepared for high profile events to include G-8 and G-20 conferences and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  




  • Prepares internal teams to effectively respond to complex emergency catastrophic situations such as natural disasters (including earthquakes and tornados), terrorist attacks, unexpected shutdowns or system compromise, spills and derailments, accidents  for which the consequences of failure are profound


  • Tests complex situations  in a realistic, scenario-based  training environment in an extremely cost-effective manner


  • Helps to identify your risk tolerance levels and catastrophic risk exposure


  • Develops strategies for controlling catastrophic exposure


For more information on Emergency Preparedness training from Calian, please contact us at: training@calian.com


Training is most applicable to:


  • Nuclear industry


  • Oil and Gas


  • Electrical Utilities


  • Railway companies


  • Mining – resource extraction


  • Marine and Air Transportation


  • Municipalities

Our turn-key solution includes:


  • A focused, cost-effective and client-tailored program of training and education that is then tested, in a comprehensive and realistic synthetic (or scenario-based) environment


  • Three (3) major stages: Anticipation, Effective Response and Restoration


  • Regulatory requirements set as the minimum standard but will routinely exceed with “Beyond Design Basis” events


Why make Calian your training service delivery partner?


  • 20 years of experience in the training and validation exercise of complex scenarios and organizations


  • Qualified instructors - Collective experience of hundreds of highly skilled and qualified personnel in the development and execution of this specialized training expertise


  • Trusted partner to organizations that are tasked with what are virtually “no-fail events”


  • Extensive experience in orchestrating emergency preparedness training for G8/G20, Vancouver Olympics, Bruce Power and Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. (AECL)


  • Delivery assurance due to contract manager assigned to each customer to support both customer and trainer


For more information on Emergency Preparedness training from Calian contact us at: training@calian.com