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ResponseReady is Calian’s proprietary exercise design and control software. It enables effective management of all aspects of an exercise regardless of size, complexity, or geographic location.

It is used to build and manage basic tabletop exercises to large-scale, complex, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency exercises, and essentially acts as a control center to house the injects, manage the timing and provide visual live indication of exercise status. As it is cloud-based, it also allows distributed exercise controllers to share a common operational status.

The built-in communications tools make it easy to make changes on the fly. The software enables us to add complexity to the exercise no matter the scale, resulting in a more realistic exercise environment. The exercise participant portal provides behind the scenes exercise control tools.

ResponseReady has the capacity to provide interactive social media input for senior management, response personnel and communications experts within your organization. The ability to provide real time two-way social media interaction is increasingly an essential element of all exercises. This is seamlessly integrated with the other components of ResponseReady.

Finally, ResponseReady can generate instant reports and returns based on the feedback from the exercise participants using is survey tool Live Poll. The questionnaire is built to reflect the objectives of the exercise and gather data on specific metrics selected by the client for each exercise.


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Managed Security Services

Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Calian’s HIRA product is an accounting and qualitative measure of impact on a community or organization. It takes into account many information streams including historic and scientific accounting of incident frequency and severity, traditional knowledge of local and indigenous peoples, professional opinion of response organizations, and industry best practice. A complete and current HIRA can be used as one tool to assist leaders and responders prepare for and take action to prevent serious and costly emergency actions. Calian is equally capable of delivering risk assessments requiring local or industry regulated standards.


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Emergency Management Maturity Model

Calian’s Emergency Management Maturity Model was developed to help our clients achieve their resilience objectives. It provides a framework and methodology to help clients optimize their investment in EM or confirm where they stand in relation to their regulatory framework of industry best practices. In the end, our clients have a road map to assist them in prioritizing their efforts and allocation of resources to become more resilient.


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Managed Security Services

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