Since 1996, Calian has helped prepare over 200,000 people for events where the consequences of failure are profound. Our team of accredited experts is capable of providing a holistic suite of emergency management solutions providing mentorship to existing teams or turnkey solutions tailored to the needs and capabilities of any organization.


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Program Development

Calian can support your organization in the development of foundational emergency management program structures aligned with recognized standards and best practices. Contact us today for emergency planning and program development.

Sample project: HIRA for Interlake Reserves Tribal Council

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA): Calian has the experience and expertise to develop thorough and highly-focused organizational HIRA. As a HIRA is a foundational emergency management document, Calian recognizes the importance of ensuring it takes an extensive view of a diverse range of hazards and their secondary impacts.

Plans, Policies, and Procedures: The development of a comprehensive suite of plans, policies, and procedures is the cornerstone of a successful emergency management program. Calian can assist organizations in developing a document framework that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

Sample Project: Cross Border Traffic Management Plan for Ontario Ministry of Transport

Organizational Design: Complex organizations require a thoughtful and deliberate design to function effectively during emergencies and disruptions. Calian's team is experienced in the design, development and implementation of emergency management systems for clients in the most complex and high-risk environments.

Contingency Planning: Calian is capable of developing and/or reviewing all-hazards and hazard-specific plans for events that could potentially challenge the ability of an organization to respond. If your organization has to contend with an upcoming event that has the potential to overwhelm your capacity, or has the requirement to plan for scenarios where the consequences of failure are profound, Calian can help.

Sample Project: New Brunswick Border Traffic Management Contingency Plan


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Incident Command System Training: Calian has a team of accredited ICS Canada training providers that is able to deliver recognized ICS Canada courses including: 100, 200, 300, 400 and 402. Detailed descriptions can be found at the ICS Canada website

Emergency Management Courses: Courses are offered in an on-demand, in-class format

Scribing for Emergencies: For individuals who may be assigned scribe duties during an emergency based on lessons learned from major emergency events and on principles of the incident command system. Participants will gain an understanding of roles and responsibilities and take away practical experience through the use of best practices, tools and techniques to take effective notes during an emergency.

Exercise Design: Training is based on Calian’s extensive experience in delivery of multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency complex exercises.


Emergency Operations: A high level, hands-on course focused on how to lead a team through a major incident, targeted to senior corporate or organizational leaders without a formal background in emergency management.

Basic Emergency Management: Foundational crash course designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles and practices of modern emergency management. Combines theory and practices for individuals with roles and responsibility for emergency management. Course incorporates Canadian regulatory and legislative requirements.

Customized Training: Capable of developing any specific training based on individual clients needs designed by professional instructional designers and delivered by accredited emergency management experts.


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Tabletop Exercises (TTX): Tabletop exercises are facilitated sessions that allow participants to work through an emergency scenario in a low-stress environment. TTX’s allow organizational leaders to review their roles and responsibilities under existing plans, and brainstorm potential responses to an emergency scenario.

Sample project: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Off Shore Incident Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Functional Exercises (FX): Functional exercises are highly realistic simulations that require participants to carry out their operational roles and responsibilities in real time. In a Functional exercise, participants respond to a series of scripted messages that are delivered via phone, email, or social media. Functional exercises are generally limited to a single operations centre, and do not involve participation of tactical responders.

Sample project: City of Burlington Functional Exercise

Full-Scale Exercises (FSX): Full-Scale Exercises are the largest and most complex training events, involving full activation of responders at all levels of an organization. Participants are challenged to respond to highly realistic emergency events, often requiring leaders to coordinate with first responders and other tactical resources. Full-Scale Exercises often involve multiple participating organizations, and require significant time and resources to develop.

Sample project: Exercise Vulcan – Transport Canada


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After-Action Review

Calian takes a data-based approach to help clients evaluate their performance in exercises or emergencies:

  • Use of data-based metrics for evaluation and after-action review
  • Quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Taking a consistent approach utilizing best practices and ethics of academic institutions
  • Use of scalable live polling proprietary tool (Maestro Polling) for data collection from large numbers of people
  • Capable of integrating after or during incidents to evaluate response efforts

Sample project: City of Ottawa Floods After Action Review


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Incident Response



On-demand Consulting Services: Our experts are available to provide generalized consulting services and advice in response to an organization's specific needs or questions for short or long-term requirements. We have a deep bench of experts with a broad range of experience from floods and wildfires to nuclear to major public events

Program Assessment, Audit and Benchmarking: Our unique organizational maturity model can provide you with a thorough and comprehensive review and assessment of your emergency and continuity management program. Calian conducts its projects in alignment with nationally and internationally recognized standards and best practices. We use our unique maturity model to provide a thorough and comprehensive review and assessment of your emergency and continuity management program.

Advisory Services and Response Support: In the event of an emergency where your team requires backup emergency management support, our experts are available to provide:

  • surge capacity for extended emergency duration
  • deployable individuals or teams available to fill a variety of positions under the incident command system
  • on-site coaching during an emergency

Operations Centre Functional Design and Needs Analysis: Calian has subject matter experts who can assist you in developing a concept of operation and functional design for your current or future operations center. This service typically includes a needs assessment, the development of both a statement of requirement (SOR) and a Technical statement of requirement (TSOR). In addition, based on client’s needs, Calian’s SME will prepare an implementation plan and develop the training and exercise program required to bring the facility to operational status. All solutions are customized to reflect each client's organizational needs, resources and risk profile.


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